This plugin allows you to run arbitrary commands during the bootstrap process. The commands are run at an indeterminate point after packages have been installed, but before the volume has been unmounted.


  • commands: A list of lists containing strings. Each top-level item is a single command, while the strings inside each list comprise parts of a command. This allows for proper shell argument escaping. To circumvent escaping, simply put the entire command in a single string, the command will additionally be evaluated in a shell (e.g. globbing will work). In addition to the manifest variables {root} is also available. It points at the root of the image volume. chroot {root} should be used for the command to run in the images’ environment. required manifest vars


Create an empty index.html in /var/www and delete all locales except english.

    - [touch, '{root}/var/www/index.html']
    - ['chroot {root} rm -rf /usr/share/locale/[^en]*']