The Oracle provider creates RAW images compressed in a .tar.gz tarball. Those images can be uploaded using the web interface of the Oracle Compute Cloud Service dashboard or configured to be automatically sent by our Oracle Storage Cloud Service API embedded client.

Manifest settings


The settings described below should be placed in the credentials key under the provider section, if the image is intended to be uploaded after generation. They will be used to authenticate the API client.

  • username: the same login used to access the Oracle Compute Cloud dashboard. required
  • password: password for the username specified above. required
  • identity-domain: this is auto-generated by Oracle and available in the “New Account Information” e-mail message they send after registration. required


  name: oracle
    password: qwerty123456
    identity-domain: usoracle9999


If the credentials have been specified, the following settings are available to customize the process of uploading and verifying an image.

  • container: the container (folder) to which the image will be uploaded. required
  • verify: specifies if the image should be downloaded again and have its checksum compared against the local one. Valid values: true, false. Default: false. optional
  name: oracle
  container: compute_images
  verify: true