System test providers

System testing providers are implemented on top of the abstraction that is the testing harness.


At their most basic level all they need to implement is the boot_image() function, which, when called, boots the image that has been bootstrapped. It should yield something the test can use to ascertain whether the image has been successfully bootstrapped (i.e. a reference to the bootlog or an object with various functions to interact with the booted instance). How this is implemented is up to the individual provider.

A prepare_bootstrap() function may also be implemented, to ensure that the bootstrapping process can succeed (i.e. create the AWS S3 into which an image should be uploaded).

Both functions are generators that yield, so that they may clean up any created resources, once testing is done (or failed, so remember to wrap yield in a try:.. finally:..).


When developing a system test provider, debugging through multiple invocations of tox can be cumbersome. A short test script, which sets up logging and invokes a specific test can be used instead:


#!/usr/bin/env python

from tests.system.docker_tests import test_stable
from bootstrapvz.base.main import setup_loggers

setup_loggers({'--log': '-', '--color': 'default', '--debug': True})