Admin user

This plugin creates a user with passwordless sudo privileges. It also disables the SSH root login. There are three ways to grant access to the admin user: - Use the EC2 public key (EC2 machines only) - Set a password for the user - Provide a SSH public key to allow remote SSH login

If the EC2 init scripts are installed, the script for fetching the SSH authorized keys will be adjusted to match the username specified in username.

If a password is provided (the password setting), this plugin sets the admin password, which also re-enables SSH password login (off by default in Jessie or newer).

If the optional setting pubkey is present (it should be a full path to a SSH public key), you will be able to log in to the admin user account using the corresponding private key (this disables the EC2 public key injection mechanism).

The password and pubkey settings can be used at the same time.


  • username: The username of the account to create. required
  • password: An optional password for the account to create. optional
  • pubkey: The full path to an SSH public key to allow remote access into the admin account. optional


    username: admin
    password: s3cr3t
    pubkey: /home/bootstrap-vz/.ssh/id_rsa