Google Compute Engine

The GCE provider can creates image as expected by GCE - i.e. raw disk image in *.tar.gz file. It can upload created images to Google Cloud Storage (to a URI provided in the manifest by gcs_destination) and can register images to be used by Google Compute Engine to a project provided in the manifest by gce_project. Both of those functionalities are not fully tested yet.

Note that to register an image, it must first be uploaded to GCS, so you must specify gcs_destination (upload to GCS) to use gce_project (register with GCE)

Manifest settings


  • description: Description of the image.
  • gcs_destination: Image destination in GCS.
  • gce_project: GCE project in which to register the image.


  name: gce
  description: Debian {system.release} {system.architecture}
  gcs_destination: gs://my-bucket
  gce_project: my-project